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Artist Bio

Caroline Strong




Caroline Strong is the owner and artist at C Strong Designs in Spreyton, Tasmania.

Her career started on the Apple Isle roughly

6 years ago…by accident.

Caroline’s sister Fleur bought a 

Café in Launceston and asked her to draw

some art to put up on the walls.

Caroline gladly obliged, 

And it created a frenzy of admirers asking…Who Is This Artist?

Caroline has since been on the Southern Cross News for her work,

twice in The Examiner paper, House & Garden and

The World of Interiors Magazine.

This unexpected attention has now given this busy mum of four an extremely successful art career. Art being her favourite subject at school, Caroline only started dabbling with it again

in her 30’s as a hobby. 


Caroline Strong’s artwork is very diverse mainly using ink, her drawings range from landscapes, houses and gardens, botanicals, wineries, native animals 

and the most popular…pet portraits. 

Tasmania has been the source of this Artist’s inspiration from the start when she moved here from Perth, Western Australia. Originally from Oxfordshire, England she has called Australia home for most of her life and Tasmania happily for 10 years.

Well traveled, Caroline was quoted saying,

“I have never felt more at home

anywhere else in the world than Tasmania.” 


Caroline is a self-taught artist, who also

chooses to live her life sober. 

Even though she is married to 

Australian Young Winemaker Of The Year Finalist Andrew Gaman, 

Chief Winemaker at Eastford Creek Vineyard.

So please enjoy…and ‘get lost’ in the beautiful world of

Caroline’s creative mind and talent

with C Strong Designs.

Please follow on Instagram @cstrongdesigns and

Like C Strong Designs on Facebook.

Many thanks

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